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    when i see a cute boy i be like


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  • Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end choose at least 5 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

    I was tagged by hemmoheartache

    What was your:

    1. last beverage: water

    2. last phone call: home

    3. last text message: cameron

    4. last song you listened to: out of the woods - taylor swift

    5. last time you cried: like two weeks ago

    Have you ever:

    6. dated someone twice: yeah

    7. been cheated on: yes, it sucked

    8. kissed someone and regretted it: no not really

    9. lost someone special: yeah

    10. been depressed: yeah it’s been a wild ride

    11. been drunk and threw up: well you see this one time at a band party…

    List three favourite colours:

    12. blue

    13. purple

    14. black

    In the last year have you:

    15. made a new friend: yeee

    16. fallen out of love: never been in love so no

    17. laughed until you cried: yeah

    18. met someone who changed you: yeah, i have

    19. found out who your true friends are: not in the last year (:

    20. found out someone was talking about you: yeah, i shut that down real fuckin quick

    21. kissed anyone on your facebook friends list: uhh well i’m facebook friends with my previous fuck buddy sooooo yeah


    22. how many people on your facebook friends list do you know in real life?: i think there’s like 5 that i have yet to meet in person

    23. .. twas not there

    24. do you have any pets: my roomates have a cat and back home i have two dogs

    25. do you want to change your name: nah son

    26. what did you do for your last birthday?: my best friend came up to visit and my then fuck buddy and best friend and i went to a party and got two turnt. not one but two.

    27. what time did you wake up today: 7:30

    28. what were you doing at midnight last night: reading/texting cameron

    29. name somethign you CANNOT wait for: photographing the sleeping with sirens and pierce the veil show in my town

    30. last time you saw your mother: idk like beginning of august i think?

    31. what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: monetary things

    32. what are you listening to right now: my friends telling me about their childhood

    33. have you ever talked to a person named Tom: my uncle is named tommy

    34. what’s getting on your nerves right now: some slut that’s talking to cameron

    35. most visited webpages: tumblr, facebook, godaddy, flickr

    36. blood type: A+

    37. nickname: brie, brian, banana

    38. relationship status: rebounding

    39. zodiac sign: aquarius

    40. pronouns: she/her

    41. elementary school: too many to list

    42. high school: well i’m going to be famuz one day so u heard it here first - colfax 

    43. college: University of Nevada, Reno

    44. hair colour: blonde/brown

    45. long or short hair: nipple length

    46. idk what was here bc it’s gone thanks petal

    47. do you have a crush on someone?: ehhh not really. i mean im catching feelings for my rebound sooo maybe?

    48. what do you like about yourself?: my eyes and my face

    49. missing from the list i was going off of

    50. tattoos: i have at least 4 planned

    51. righty or lefty: righty

    52. first surgery: does getting your wisdom teeth pulled count?

    53. first piercing: lobes but after that, navel

    54. first best friend: Max

    55. first sport you joined: gymnastics

    56. first vacation: pennsylvania

    57. missing

    58. first pair of trainers: idfk i was a baby

    Right now:

    59. eating: nothing — i had brownies earlier

    60. drinking: water

    61. i’m about to: finish this and go to bed

    62. listening to: ghost stories from my roommate

    63. what are you doing: this fucking thing

    64. want kids?: twins only pls. like a one and done type of thing

    65. wanna get married?: yeah some day

    66. career path?: pediatrics

    Which is better:

    67. lips or eyes: eyes

    68. hugs or kisses: hugs for sho

    69. shorter or taller: tallllllerrrrrr 

    70. older or younger: older, though lately i’ve been goin towards the younger guys

    71. romantic or spontaneous: spontaneity

    72. nice stomach or nice arms?: idk, smile?

    73. sensitive or loud: idk

    74. hook-up or relationship: i just got out of a relationship and it wasn’t the best so idk man

    75. trouble maker or hesitant: both. it’s the guy tbh

    Have you ever:

    76. Kissed a stranger: yes lol #welcometocollege

    77. drank hard liquor: yesssss #welcometocollege

    78. lost your glasses or contacts: i have perfect eyes

    79. sex on the first date: no, but i’ve kissed on the first date 

    80. broke someone’s heart: not that i’m aware of

    81. had your own heart broken: i don’t allow myself to have my heart broken.

    82. been arrested: nope, but i’ve done some fucked up shit

    83. turned someone down: yeah all the time

    84. cried when someone died: i have a fucking heart i swear

    85. fallen for a friend: all the time :/

    Do you believe in:

    86. yourself: yes most of the time

    87. miracles: i’ve experienced a few so yeah

    88. love at first sight: yeah sometimes

    89. heaven: yeah i think so

    90. santa claus: nope

    91. kiss on the first date: i just did it friday ((:

    92. angels: yes

    i tag:





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    stoppppppp this he just shed light on so many issues in a sentence



    *Mops the tea up from my dashboard*


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    All these lovely ladies weigh 154lbs. We all carry weight differently, don’t live your life by an outdated chart. Find a number that looks and feels good.


    This is actually a really lovely artistic reference as well. Also HOLY SHIT NEW REBLOG SYSTEM??? dang.

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    I bought my friend an elephant for their room.

    They said “Thank you.”

    I said “Don’t mention it.”

    Is there a joke here that 15 thousand people get but I don’t?



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    i am so cute and bitter

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    I reached my ultimate goal of 2.5k the other week, and i promised to do a giveaway, so here it is!

    Total Worth of Giveaway: approx. AUD$275

    Prize Pool:

    1x Tribal/Tall shirt (Size L)

    1x “I’m part of the 5SOS Fam” shirt (Size L)

    1x Nirvana shirt (S, M or L)

    1x Green Day shirt (S, M or L)

    1x You Complete Mess shirt (S, M or L)

    1x Pair of Aviator Sunglasses

    1x Copy of A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out by Panic! At The Disco

    1x Copy of The Take Over, The Breaks Over by Fall Out Boy

    1x Copy of 5 Seconds of Summer album (Australian Edition)

    1x Copy of Don’t Stop EP by 5 Seconds of Summer

    1x Cute lil bird choker

    3x Hermonie Granger Time Turner necklaces (coolest things ever)

    So how will the prizes be sorted?

    1st Prize Winner (Whom I will be choosing)

    2 shirts (their choice)


    2 CD’s (their choice)

    the Bird choker

    1 time turner necklace

    2nd Prize Winner (randomly chosen)

    2 shirts (of their choice of what’s left after 1st winner has chosen)

    1 CD (of their choice of what’s left after 1st winner has chosen)

    1 time turner necklace

    3rd Prize (randomly chosen again)

    The last shirt, last CD and the last necklace


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    COME AND TALK TO ME, i love chatting to people, so come hit up my ask! tell me about your day, tell me a joke and yeah :)


    I will release the date this closes when i’m happy with the amount of notes it has reached :)

    Good Luck!

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  • fmk Michael, victor, and luke ???(:


    UGH DIFFICULTY. Kiss Victor, fuck Luke, and marry Mikey, definitely though hahaha

    • Ship: Luke because okay. How do you guys do the really blue eyes and blonde hair thing so perfectly? You guys would be like the most beautiful pairing OMG
    • Ship name: Bruke
    • Halloween costumes: Penguin and a surfer girl
    • What you’d do during Halloween/fall: “Luke, I already agreed to wear this. You don’t have to Google it anymore,” you’d laugh as you and Luke would be about to leave for one of the guys’ Halloween party. You guys would have decided to wearing matching outfits, but Luke was determined to wear the penguin onesie a fan had sent him and surprisingly there had been almost nothing to go along with it which it why Luke had gone out on a limb and suggested surfer girl. “See?” he’d say, swiveling around his laptop to show you a collage of pictures of penguins on the beach. “They’re in South Africa. And they’re on a beach where—” he gestures to your beachy surf costume “— you come in.” You’d shake your head with a smile and tell him that he’d have to explain that to so many people but he wouldn’t care. He’d close the laptop and spring up from his chair and waddle over to you and pretend to peck at your nose and you’d end up having to drag him out of the house because he’d be getting so into character and AGH
    • Pumpkin you guys would carve:
    • Ship song: The Beach by All Time Low